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Are you ready to grow, push your boundaries and go beyond what is to what can be?

5 Simple Tips To Effective Change

It takes courage to think differently and tread a new path.

You can overcome your thoughts that hold you back by developing a Mindset for Performance.


I’m a behaviour junkie, music loving, dancing fool. I’m partial to a stylish pair of shoes, escaping into a good book, indulging in my ultimate weakness (yes, you guessed it …… chocolate!) and more recently, zoom calls with besties.

But what really rocks my world and gives immense satisfaction is helping others (my mother used to call me “Miss Fix It”). For me, nothing is more satisfying that helping others in their quest to realise their dreams. After leaving the world of big business, I had a vision of creating and building a business to help people be the best they could be at what they wanted to do. It’s taken a while (yes – I can procrastinate too), but the vision has become reality.


Are you at that point where you know change is needed, but what you’ve tried isn’t working?

Or you’re finding the change so overwhelming, you find yourself delaying or putting off implementing the change?

You’re not alone. We all feel this way – we just don’t like to admit it (even me). But did you know that delaying or not taking action has a cost? Each day you delay, costs you money and more importantly, the personal cost to your confidence and self esteem.

And that’s were I come in. I work with everyone – from aspiring leaders to experienced leaders, from sole trades to professionals, from business owners to specialist teams, through to senior management and boards. Mindset, behaviour and performance are universal and while your mindset can drive you forward, it can also hold you back.

My mission is to be your guide

The person out the front with a flashlight, helping you develop your mindset as you navigate your new path, to help you find the answers hidden within you and be there to cheer you on as you strap on your courage, overcome your internal “Doubting Thomas” to realise your full potential.

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Have you ever wondered by you behave the way they do? Why, when things seem to be going in the right direction, it all falls apart? Why your team can’t seem to “fire” all at the same time? Why, even though you keep “plugging away”, you never seem to get anywhere?

Its Ok – we’ve all been there. Even me. Have I introduced you to my friends “self-doubt” and “procrastination”?

And this is where Mindset becomes your most powerful weapon against self-doubt and procrastination. The first step in understanding your mindset is to understand why you behaviour the way you do. We use the Extended DISC system (or eDISC) – a scientific system that measures all behaviour variables by a factor of 92% accuracy – to create the foundation on which to build your performance mindset to create change.

The 12 Week ASPIRING LEADERS Program

If you want to be a leader, you need to invest in developing yourself. Because unless you have taken the time to invest in you, to understand yourself, what motivates you, what drives you and yes, even what scares the heck out of you, you won’t be able to lead yourself, let alone others.
BUSINESS PROGRAMS training leadership

Bespoke Business Programs

Imagine the impact of a training program tailored specifically for your team, you business? Mindset for Performance does just that by designing programs targeted at resolving the pain points you’re experiencing.

If you want to create a better experience for your customers or give your sales team the edge by learning customer behaviour profiling, then we can help. Maybe you’re about to undergo a major change to your business and need a communication strategy or you need to develop skills in managing the performance of your team, then we can help.