Have you ever wondered why people act the way they do?

Why, when things seem to be going in the right direction, it all falls apart?

Why your team can’t seem to “fire” all at the same time?

Why, even though you keep “plugging away”, you never seem to get anywhere?

Its Ok – we’ve all been there. Even me. Have I introduced you to my friends “self-doubt” and “procrastination”?

And this is where Mindset becomes your most powerful weapon against self-doubt and procrastination. The first step in understanding your mindset is to understand why you behaviour the way you do. We use the Extended DISC system (or eDISC) to identify your behavioural energies.

But what is eDISC?

I’m glad you asked.

The study of behaviour has been around for a century and is based on the behavioural analysis work of Carl Jung. Behaviour is a constant. The way we act is based on a number of factors including genetics, personality, social norms, core values and attitudes all shaped by our experience. These traits vary from person to person and produce different actions and behaviours in each of us.

It was William Moulton-Marston – the inventor of the Lie Detector and the comic book hero Wonder Woman (yes Wonder Woman!) – who identified the four main behavioural dimensions. Over the decades the theory has been developed further and in 1994 the Extended DISC System, developed by Jukka Sappinen, was released. Today, eDISC is used in over 40 countries via the FinxS online platform.

We use the eDISC system as the starting point in all our programs. Why? Because it’s a scientific system that measures all behaviour variables and accurately identifies which behaviour dimension an individual fall into by a factor of 92%. No other behaviour or personality test can do that.

And the uses of eDISC are endless for both individuals and teams in the areas of personal development, recruitment, motivation, improving sales results, team cohesion, performance reviews, change management, customer service and client relationship management just to name a few.

We offer programs catering to the individual, business leaders and teams.


THE 12 WEEK Aspiring Leaders PROGRAM​

As Stephen Covey stated so eloquently in his book “The 7 Habit of Highly Successful People”

“Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood”

If you want to be a leader, you need to invest in developing yourself. Because unless you have taken the time to invest in you, to understand yourself, what motivates you, what drives you and yes, even what scares the heck out of you, you won’t be able to lead yourself, let alone others.

So if you aspire to become a leader or you’re already a leader and want to improve your leadership skills, this is the program you need to invest in.

Running over 12 weeks, the program begins with understanding you. With content delivered via videos, workbooks, and weekly group mentoring sessions, the program encompasses:

  • eDISC profile and 2-hour analysis unpack with me
  • Identifying your values
  • Identifying your core drivers and their relationship to decision making
  • How To recognise another person’s behavioural style
  • How to develop behaviour flexibility
  • The 4 Level of experience and how they influence your success
  • How to develop your vision
  • Taking an Interest; the first step to creating trust
  • How to communicate to inspire
  • Putting it into action – the mindset of a productive leader

The program also includes an add-on – Program Plus – for 6 one-on-one mentoring sessions aimed at developing a deeper mindset for performance.


Mindset for Performance bespoke programs are targeted at resolving the pain points you’re experiencing.

If you want to create a better experience for your customers or give your sales team the edge by having them learn how to decode their clients, undergo a major change to your business and need a communication strategy, developing skills in manage performance or need to undertake a strategic review of your business, then we can help tailor a solution that fits your needs.

With a variety of profiling tools at our disposal, we will tailor a program that is as unique and individual as you, your team, and your business.

In the time of the pandemic, all our workshops are delivered via a digital platform. To ensure maximum benefit, workshop numbers are limited to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 participants. Pricing on application.

If you’d like to discuss a tailored workshop to move your team and your business to the next level, then click enquiry now below to set up a discovery session.

Mentoring By Anna

A flexible program for those individuals who’d like to dig deeper into their mindset.

I’ve developed 3 programs options to support you on your journey to create your leadership mindset:

Option 1:
eDISC Profile + 2 hour unpack
Price: $750

Option 2:
eDISC Profile + 2 hour unpack valued at $750
3 x 1 hour Mentor Sessions valued $750
Price: $1,250

Option 3:
eDISC Profile + 2 hour unpack valued $750
6 x 1 hour Mentor Sessions valued $1,500
Price: $1,750